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Team   While integrating OCUM 9.4 and WFA 4.2 with cDOT 9.4 the common practrice is to use admin account on OCUM.The security policies we have limits more
Hello,we trying to mount a NetApp CIFS share on SLES 11 with SMB 2.1 as follows:Mount -v -o auto, username = xxxxxx, password = xxxxxx, workgroup = XX more
Hi, Is there any limitation in FAS 2040 netapp box, running 8.0.2P3 7-Mode software, in supporting ESXi 6.7 installation in the LUN created. Thanks fo more
Hi,   I am trying to download the MIB files needed for PRTG monitoring of our NetApp E2760 Storage Array. The only sensor which works is the PING sens more
With 9.5, NDAS should be availale, but I could not find it from AMAZON Merketplace, nor from Cloud Central portal.   It looks not available to me.  An more
Hello, We are building a new Windows 2016 vCenter 6.5U2G and installing VSC 6.2P2. All is workign but the Backups. The error message I get is: Unable more
Hello, friends! In CDOT 8.3.2, is there a log that'll tell me about domain user login attempts? I know that the event log can tell me when a user fail more
Hi,   I'm running a FAS2554 (20x4TB+4xSSD) with cDOT 8.3.2P12 that was for about 2 years a SnapMirror destination and now, after moving in a new datac more
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  When Virtual Storage Console (VSC) and VASA Provider are registered to vCenter, UI (user interface) extensions are pulled to vSphere. These UI exte more
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