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Hi, during the RC stage of Ontap 9.12.1 it was mentioned that it finally supported NFS 4.1 multipathing. However, now that 9.12.1 has been released I more
Simply put: Our load balancer certificate is expiring today. It won`t affect our FabricPool connection, because it has not been setup to verify a cert more
Hi All, customer Sync SnapMirror trigger "CSS creation failed due to timeout" just two times and solved next in-common Snapshot creation operation ref more
Hi, After upgrade vCenter 7.0 update 3, SnapCenter Plug-in for vSphere did not work in vCenter web client as below. - SCV upgrade 4.5 > 4.6 > 4.7, vSp more
Hey.I have a FAS8200 system (2 nodes) with 2 quad SAS ports slots per node.In the system i have 4 stacks of IOM6 shelfs, so all of my SAS ports are ta more
Hi NetApp support,I would like to know the release notes of snapcenter 4.9But it seems like a failure if I click the link from the support site.Could more
Hi to allhavent done any head upgrade before, trying to learn some new stuff.Customer wants to head upgrade their FAS8020 HA pair to 1 controller FAS8 more
HI Team, Total 2 HDD is in reconstruction and one hdd failed.not able to online aggr.Please help ASAP 
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