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We're officially partnering with Google Cloud to bring Cloud Volumes to Google Cloud Platform. Here's George Kurian, NetApp CEO, and Diane Greene, Goo more
Industry-leading perfomance for AI, deep learning, and enterprise SANs. Get the tech specs here!  
Do you know what NVMe is? What about SCM? Here's Jeff Baxter to explain the two terms & how it ties back to the AFF A800 & ONTAP 9.4.  
See a quick video to understand what is Active IQ and value it brings to you while managing your NetApp products.  
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Is it possible? When I use ONTAP Deploy 2.10, IT requires a minimum of 2 TB of free space on storage. But I want to deploy 2-node cluster on a 1 TB RA more
Anyone knows when support for ONTAP 9.4 is going to appear in Harvest? 
Hi guys, did anybody succeed or knows how backups of CIFS can be done with Veeam?As Veeam only allows to backup this only file-copy based without dedu more
Hello, I am trying to connect WFADB to Graphana to pull out the execution logs from WFA and display them as graph in Grafana. I understood that WFADB more
Hi,Now I failed to deploy the Manila with NetApp Driver on share server management in reference to below docs. more
I've spent two days playing around with this and haven't been able to find a solution.   We have random LUN's that are unmanageable.  We can't take th more
Hello, not easily to locate in the docs, anyone knows what is the latest number of nodes a single unified manager instance is certified to poll? We re more
Here is an interesting one. Business Entities were added when using version 7.3.0 via the Java GUI. Export from Server to DWH was set and worked. Upgr more
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Hi,Clustered Data ONTAP doesn't support closing locked CIFS files using the MMC yet (coming in a future release) ...but even then do you really want t more
See how Active IQ predictive analytics can help mitigate your system risks.  
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