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Hi All,   We are getting below messages when trying to add E-series storage array to SMI-S Provider. Exception:HTTP Error (401 Unauthorized) & No PG_ more
I have a pretty simple question. We have finally migrated all but three of our SQL Server backups from SnapManager for SQL to SnapCenter and it is gre more
Hi All,    I appreciate your help and advice on the below question.  we have two domains before for example domain A and B, we cut the two way trust f more
Hello, I have 59 Resource Groups and need to change the email notification settings on all of them (specifically the EmailTo field). I am looking in P more
Hello,   Can some one assist me how Ontap Select help me to counter Multiprotocol issues, Usermapping,HA Solution  and Snapmirror. Need little discrip more
Recently during the nightly Snapvault I have been receiving the following error: Transfer failed. (Out of memory). I have searched here and on the int more
Hey, ever since I upgraded my cluster to ontap 9.7 (currently 9.7P4), all luns allocated to vmware esxi hosts (all versions) appear as flash disks in more
We are trying to robocopy data to our AFF-A220 but we cannot copy ownership info. It fails unless I exclude copying ownership. At this point, I am the more
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Snap Creator contains a tab for Archive Log Settings.These settings should not be confused with Archive Logs for any particular application or databas more
IntroductionCloud is a major disruptor in the storage market, and to counter this, most infrastructure verticals within the data center are undergoing more
This article describes the procedure that should be performed to diagnose port issues in Clustered Data ONTAP. more
Introduction:   The RBAC User Creator forData ONTAP®  tool is a C# application that assists you in creating RBAC usernames within Data ONTAP.This appl more
How to troubleshoot a storage system that encounters a multiple disk failure   Note: If y more
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