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How can I make E_EF_Seriese LUN create scripte?




We have to create 48 LUN about E2812(12TB x 12)- DE212C(12TB x 12)  x2 system.

This DDP have 277TB capacity.

We want to create 5856 GB x 48 count.

It is tired to create one by one manually.


Do you know how to create a batch with a script?
I want you to tell me the script.



How long will it take for parallel processing using scripts?
I want to create LUN by enable DA.
What is the Mega Bytes overhead when creating a LUN?
(I tested about 10 MB?)
Best Regards,





Hi All,


I manually LUN to E Series 3 years ago( E5660-DE6660x5 (SantricityOS 8.25))

But now I could create multiple luns in E2812-DE212Cx2 by Browser(HTML5).(SantricityOS 8.40).

(I did not know that.)


So no need script now thx.


And about Estimate time...


 I created 5856 GB LUN 48 counts same time.

(1 copy and paste LUN name and LUN size typing 48 times 1 page on browser, and finaly clicked)


I LUN initilize start  last friday 18:30(2019/10/11 JST).

I checked working job today by browser.


48 counts LUNs status 49%.


but 40 LUNs  Estimate time 109 hors( about 4days)(past 3day half so total a week)

8 LUNs  12 hours.

And reflesh Estimate colums every time estimante time change .. some time 4 hours ..17 hours.

(Probably an approximate schedule. The value changes each time depending on resource usage.)


jast information..


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