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TWO virtual centers (SRM) - E-Series plug-in for vCenter


I've the E-Series plug-in application server installad on a separate server other that the vCenter one.

I've installed the plug-in registering the first vCenter with success.


The VMware datacenter comprise now another vCenter at another site (SRM will be implemented) but I cannot find the way (on the doc there's nothing about) to set up and register the plug-in on the second vCenter.


Thank you in advance




Re: TWO virtual centers (SRM) - E-Series plug-in for vCenter


Open these ports between the management ports of arrays, between the two vcenter/srm servers and between these last and the arrays management!


2463, no idea of its reason

1701 is the “internal” port of the service…why there’s a call outside? But there are calls outside

3260 is the iSCSI port…for which reason the SRA should send iSCSI command out of the vcenter toward the management of the array? But you need it!

Documentation from this point of view is very poor...



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