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Where can I find a list of the event specific codes and their meanings?


There are many questions in the knowledge base like "What does Code X/Y/Z mean?" But for a first assessment of an error message a description like "Drive returned CHECK CONDITION" with an abstract specific code isn't very helpful. So I'm looking for a list with those codes and their translation.






Thanks for the link.

I've found there documents explaining when a device server may have a CHECK CONDITION status.


A Log Event of a E-Series Storage typically looks like this:


Date/Time: 19.02.15 09:13:50
Sequence number: 593
Event type: 100A
Event priority: Informational
Description: Drive returned CHECK CONDITION
Event specific codes: 5/24/0
Event category: Error
Component type: Drive
Component location: Tray 0, Drawer 4, Slot 8
Logged by: Controller in slot B


I've not found the translated meaning of the "Event specific code" yet ...





Thanks that you googled that for me.

OK, it's my fault. Maybe I was too specific with CHECK CONDITION errors.

Can you now google for me "Destination driver error", "Controller return status/function call for requested operation" ... or what kind of an errormessage an E-Series is able to produce ... with their "Event specific codes" please?


The last sentence above the table in the wikipedia article is:


"Common values are listed below, you should consult your hardware specific documentation as well."


I really hope still that there is somewhere a hardware specific documentation for error codes ...



This seems to be an cold topic but maybe others could use this information.

Get a list of all codes:


See Section Critical Events Reference in E-Series "System Monitoring Guide" for a translation.

e.g.: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMLP2773531

You may have to look for a current Version.


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