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Zero disks on E-series

Hi all,


I have an E2824 controller shelf running on duplex configuration, with 24 HDD installed


Can someone point me the detailed steps on how to zero all the disks inside?


All the commands, connections, etc..




Re: Zero disks on E-series

Capture.JPGYou can

The image above shows where you can find the command to reinitialize a drive.


Re: Zero disks on E-series



Thank you for replying.

When I click on Initialize, the system will prompt the following error message "A drive operation cannot be performed because the drive is not in the correct state for the operation (API 40).


Any idea how to get rid of this error?


Thank you

Re: Zero disks on E-series

You will want to remove the drive from any DDP or VG it is a part of before reinitializing.

Re: Zero disks on E-series



I have already removed the drive from any disk pool or groups. But the system just refused to allow me to initialize.

It will still prompt an error saying that the diskis not in a correct state. 


Is there anything other method that I can use to erase customer data from the disks?


Thank you.