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is E-Series 5700 integrate with IBM Tape Library


Hi Dears,


Im searching for integration between EF5700 with IBM Tape library and coudn't find pdf or articles show this point.


Re: is E-Series 5700 integrate with IBM Tape Library




Just from my experiece, Tape Libraries interact with the Storage OS via FC/SCSI (Actual Hardware Model is secondary here) and the Host OS if its connected to external Media Server. Hence, it is important to gather following information.


For example :

So we need 3 components here:
1) E5700 OS:11.40.2

Let's assume I have SANtricity 11.40.2

2) Who is the backup Vendor : IBM Spectrum Protect, SnapProtect/CommVault, BackupExec/Netbackup Veritas, Veeam etc.

3) What's the Tape Library Model?


Just one example here: (Assumtions below)

1) E5700 OS:11.40.2
2) Backup Software : Assuming I have CommVault, so there is webapge for - Supported Hardware Storage Arrays (I will lookuo for E5700)
3) Tape Library : Assuming I have IBM TS4300 <-- This compatibility information will come from the Backup Vendor as well, for example - If the Tape Library is attached to a Media Server with Windows/Linux OS, then there is compability with Host OS and Tape Library. If it's NDMP (Direct attached) then there will be a separate list.


Therefore it's the Backup vendor Application that primarily drives interoperability with Storage & Tape library compatibility.




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