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Add e5600 to Santricity web services proxy 5.0 ?


Hi All.


I have managed to get an e2800 setup in Santricity web services proxy.


now Im having some issue trying to add an e5600 to Santricity web services proxy.


the Add/Discover does not pick it up.


When I use the API it can discover the array but I cannot seem to add it in.


Any ideas ?


There does not seem to be a lot of info/documents 





I believe you are referring to configuring the 5600 on the Unified browser web-based application. Unfortunately,  you cannot add this platform to Unified manager application. The following readme lists out the supported platforms:




With regard to the Web services proxy which is embedded with the Unified Manager application, you may still add the 5600 platform to the proxy and manage it using an external application or via API calls. But, you won't be able to discover it in Unified Manager. Below is the installation and configuration guide of the Web Services Proxy:





To add to Ahmad's answer:


The section that specifically addresses this is: 

Discover and add storage systems using API endpoints


It's worth reiterating in that section that the discovery process is made of multiple API calls. The Discovery endpoints will not add the system to the Web Services Proxy without  POST: /storage-system being called as well.


If you need further information let us know.



What I'm trying to achieve is monitor/graph the e5600 with Grafana.


Im trying to follow this guide




But there are lots of details missing for the older e5x00 systems



Setting up the Web Proxy (optional step)

The need of a Web Proxy instance will depend on the E-Series model you are trying to monitor. E2800 and other newer models already ship SANtricity System Manager which replace the features that the proxy used to provide.

Although the steps required to configure the Santricity Web Services Proxy are out of scope for this guide, there are 2 important configuration settings you need to define in wsconfig.xml

  • <env key="stats.poll.interval">60</env>
  • <env key="stats.poll.save.history">1</env>

If you need extra details on how to work with the proxy, you might want to check the User Guide. This link requires access to NetApp support site.



Even that User Guide is not really helpful..







I strongly recommend using the following project over that project. This project will achieve the same goal and is easier to get started. The README should cover everything you need.



Some additional side information:

There are two flavors of the NetApp E-Series API: Embedded and Web Services Proxy:


 On newer devices such as the E2800, E5700 and E6000, you will find the Embedded API preinstalled as part of the on-box experience.


You may also install the Web Services Proxy (WSP), which is our API installed on the operating system such as Linux, Windows, or Docker. The WSP may handle multiple E-Series Storage Arrays simply by adding them via API POST:/Storage-system. This API will support basic management of newer systems (E2800, E5700, E6000) as well as legacy systems (E2700, E5600). 


The WSP supports legacy and multiple systems while the Embedded API is only for more modern systems and only supports managing itself. The APIs are very very similar with maybe 97% of APIs being shared between the two. For this particular project, they are calling into the different types of statistics. For statistics purposes, I recommend the WSP because there are limitations as to how granular statistics averages may be. The project I have projected above will automatically create and handle most of the details you have experienced.