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Another 2600 failure, "password reset to default" repeated in logs


My last remaining ancient 2600 appliance started throwing errors two days ago, ultimately causing a controller to reset and i do not believe it has the integrity to act as a redundant system in its current state.

In the device log, one of the controllers started logging the error "Password reset to default" every two minutes and has done so constantly since then.  Last night the controller failed over to the alternate and reset, I can see it came back online but the path did not reset to the first controller and it started logging that error again once it did boot up.  I can't find anything useful due to the common question of how to reset a password to default, so I am asking if anyone has seen this behavior (and if possible, how to mitigate it).





It's possilbe you might have encountered the issue in this KB article:




Solution: Ensure that the password reset button is unobstructed. If the issue persists, replace the controller



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your response jogged my memory on something regarding my last research forray into this ancient hardware. The reset button on the back of these controllers is not actually connected to the board, due to this problem in the original series of hardware the button degraded until it just constantly shorted out and created this error.  given that the replacement controller does not exist anymore, I will just have to frankenstein something together until i can replace the entire storage unit.