EF & E-Series, SANtricity, and Related Plug-ins

E-Series connectivity through an MDS and Fabric Interconnect to UCS




What can we be missing in this configuration?

An E2712 with 8Gb FC ports connected to an MDS9148 which in turn connects to the Fabric Interconnect to a UCS chassis with B200M3.

Vmware Hosts don't see the LUNs.

MDS and FI already configured and working for an Avamar system, we are adding the E-series system.

Any tips on what are we missing? any documentation you can point us?









Is your connectivity as below?


UCS => FI => MDS => E-series


If we have the connectivity set correctly, I'd expect to see the initiators logged in to E-series controller. Do we see initiaors logged in?


If yes, ESXi host automatically performs a periodic rescan every 5 minutes and should see the LUN's if any mapped to host.


I assume you are presenting the Volume directly to the ESXi host and in that case the Host Type on Controller should be set to VMWARE for the Host.


The LUN ID of the Volume that you present to the host should be with in 255.


The NMP plugin that is used with E-Series arrays and EF-Series arrays is VMW_SATP_ALUA. Ensure the NMP claim rules configured correctly.


Do you see any errors logged in logs while do try to discover teh LUN?






mmmm looks like a zoning issue but would need the logs from storage,switch (including zoning) and hosts


(What I would check in the first place is the supportability in the NetApp IMT)


please check this link which contain some express guide for it