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E series storage factory default


Hi all,

we have E2724 in our demo pool available for partners. Storage is returned to us with changed management IP and storage password assigned often. Is there some procedure to quickly reset controllers to factory default state?

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here are the command line parameters

Command line 10.x

clear storageArray configuration [all | volumeGroups]


Command line 11.x

set storageArray resetConfiguration=true;

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Your best bet might be to set up an in-band management station to which you will cable the returned hardware to.  You would have to invest in the appropriate HBA for your management station, though.


Thx you both, but this does not work if you have password stored in controller or if access LUN is deleted. First I need to clear password and then setup new IP address. I can do it using serial port, but not on NetApp, because lack of documentation... Sun (Oracle) and IBM has this well documented. Unfortunately on Netapp box those steps not working. What commands I can use in VxWorks shell to reset password and set IP?  NetCfgShow, netCfgSet are useless.


I know it is a little late in replying but did you ever get this fixed?


I am curious about this as well. I have E2624 with LSI HBA controllers. LSI was no help, they refered me here. There is a Service Interface available through the serial port. I don't believe the password is a configurable, set at the factory by the manufacturer, and this is where i need to go inorder to reset the management IP addresses to DHCP. This interface would be very similar to Dell PowerVault MD3000, but the passwords are specific to the manufacturer. Any thoughts on what the NetApp password might be?


Here are the default settings for the serial port, they are not configurable.  This port is generally used by NetApp when troubleshooting the systems.


login name ******

password ********


If you require anything else please let me know.


Re: E series storage factory default

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Hi Penelope, the login/password is really just stars or it was censored by forum?






I found this old topic. I have a question  regarding to service interface login?


What is the factory default password?




Press within 5 seconds: <S> for Service Interface, <BREAK> for baud rate
urrent date: 07/24/14  time: 20:15:13


Enter Password to access Service Interface (60 sec timeout):
Password incorrect


Enter Password to access Service Interface (60 sec timeout):
SPRI Password input timed out

 SPRI login failed.




Please raise a support ticket with NetApp.



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Hello. I am running into a similar problem on my E2760. I was doing a POC. We are done and ready to fully deploy. I grew in an enclosure and my SAN became degraded then eventually offline. My two controllers are showing "OE LF" and "OE LU".

I just want to reset my controllers to factory settings and re-configre. When I am console I only get lockout status. SMcli replies

"Unable to execute command as the controller is currently in lockdown mode.

Use the "show storageArray healthStatus" command for further information.
SMcli failed."


SM GUI reports the error that my database is corupt, and steps to fix it. But I can't manage the SAN from Gui because I can't get past the error.


Any assistance would be wonderful.


Hi please share below you will make a lot of techs happy

What's the default user and login ?? eos-a :



-Startup a terminal emulation program like kitty
-Use Serial-Connection 9600, 8N1, NoFlow
-Type <Ctrl><PAUSE/BREAK> within kitty
-When prompted for input within 5 seconds, press <S> in UPPERCASE for the service interface menu.
-A prompt for the Service Interface password is displayed. Enter <SPRIentry>
-Change IP or Reset Admin-Password via Menu


going nuts with this - SPRIentry does not work as service password. reset button does nothing. anybody?


 to press <S> for Service Menu press <ESC> instead


Run the following commands on both controllers –




Then unplug ctrl-A and run the following commands on ctrl-B: