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Error 749 while increasing volume on E-series


I have an E-series 5760-1 with and additional shelf add-on and two disk pools configured.  I just installed ten new disks into the additional shelf and added them to pool 2.  While expanding some volumes in pool 2, I'm getting error "The operation cannot complete because the disk pool limit would be exceeded. (API 749)".  I was able to expand two volumes before the error occurred.  I need to expand two more.  I'm trying to increase two volumes from 9914 GiB to 19828 GiB, an there is 49152 GiB reported free capacity.  I don't understand why I can't complete the expansions.  Any help?



So support says I need to wait for the rebalancing to complete before I can expand further...

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Hello kevincorrie,


You mentioned that you added ten disks to the DDP first. Can you check if the DDP expansion is finished in the "Operations in Progress"? The operations can be found on the Home Page by clicking Show operations in progress.


I am wondering if the GUI is already reporting the new capacity of the DDP, but the array might still be actually adding the capacity to the DDP. 


If the DDP expansion is still running, I would like to see if expanding the second two volumes would be successful after the DDP expansion finishes.



Team NetApp


Thanks for the input.  I didn't know to check there.  I only added full capacity shelves before so I've never had the opportunity to add disks and expand.


I have two volume initialization operations  for the ones I expanded yesterday and on rebalancing operation for the pool I added disks too.  The rebalance is going to take 262 hours!  I'm curious why i was able to expand two volumes immediately, but after more than 12 hours I still can't expand the rest?


The only thing that pops in my mind on the first two volumes being able to be expanded quickly was that possibly their expanded capacity was already available in the original pool size.

As for why the other volumes won't expand yet, would really need a detailed look at the support logs to see if it is an old code issue, exclusive op limitation, or the like to see why the webserver is throwing error 749.


I would encourage you to open a support case for further investigation.
We would be more than happy to help look at the system logs in depth.


Case created!


So support says I need to wait for the rebalancing to complete before I can expand further...