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Multimedia on E2712 - Performance Tuning


Hi All,

I  have some experience with FAS systems, but I rarely work with E-Series. So I decided to write my first post to ask for your recommendations.

A friend of mine just ordered an E-2712 with 12 x 4TB NL-SAS Drives. This storage device will be attached to a Windows Server 2012 R2 box through 2 8GB FC ports, and will serve CIFS via 4 x 1GB ports.

They are planning to use this storage to work with multimedia files. Average file size is 30 GB's. 5 clients (will be 6 in the near future) will access the shares on the server and process this video files.

Now, my question is, what will be your suggestions in means of raid planning, block sizes, LUN structure and any other parameter that may effect the performance. I know this is a NetApp board, but suggestions about any Server 2012 settings will also be welcome, if it is not a problem for the moderators.

This guys are really stretching their budget for this investment as a small studio, so I will be really happy if I can get most out of the storage in means of performance. Any documents about multimedia application on NetApp best practices will also be more than welcome.

Thanks in Advance