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PRTG setup with E2760




I am trying to download the MIB files needed for PRTG monitoring of our NetApp E2760 Storage Array.

The only sensor which works is the PING sensor.

I found the files on: 


but I get a timeout error in PRTG with the following message: error connecting device. Check IP, Port, Community.


From what I can tell everything is setup correctly. I am only not sure which version does our E2760 Storage use, SNMP v1 or v2c?


Did anybody manage to setup this storage system with PRTG? Even the built in sensors are giving me the TLS error when trying to add for example "System Health".






maybe you can consider https://github.com/NetApp/eseries-perf-analyzer and completely move away from snmp ?


Hi Pablo,


thank you for you answer. The idea was to use snmp as we freshly implemented PRTG as our monitoring solution. Since I have gotten a confirmation that the E2700 series is somehow limited in this matter I will try this recommendation. But it does not save us from clicking extra into this system on top of PRTG.



1) With the E-Series E2700 you can send SNMP traps and see if anything breaks. So there's value in receiving traps in PRTG.


Useful PRTG blog: https://blog.paessler.com/snmp-traps-in-prtg


2) Below, Spike said there's no SNMP metrics in E-Series, but actually there is in newer models.



3) So, how to monitor E2700 performance with PTRG?

A round-about way would be to gather perf data and send it to InfluxDB, and then configure PTRG to get data from InfluxDB.


You could ask PRTG Support to update this or help you if you still see the same problem.

Example found by googling:



4) When you install that package from Github, note Issues/Pull Requests - there's a bug related to installation that's still open, so check this comment (link below) and newer comments after it.



Hi Schim

E-series only support for SNMP trap, it's not using for polling data

The E-series SNMP query function is restriction

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