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Santricity E2600 Array


This is the only place it is letting me post this question.   But I have an older E2600 Array.    I have a cache battery that needs to replaced in one of my controllers.  I need to mute the alarm.  If I hit the button on the unit, it will just mute for 1 seconds and start up again.    I have searched through the entire Santricity application, and the manual.  It doesn't show you how to mute this thing until you get a replacement battery. 



@harveypny I believe that the alarm configuration can be found on the hardware tab of the SANtricity Storage Manager application. As I recall, it can be setup on a per-controller basis. You can click to view individual hardware components, and I believe that the alarms and their settings can be found there. Unfortunately, I do not have an older system that I can verify this with right now. Let me know if you are able to locate the alarm settings based on these instructions.






I can list the hardware, but no where does it give me the ability to supress the beeping.  


What would be nice, if I could tell it stop checking for the battery every 1 min.   Because if you supress the alarm on the front, the next min it starts beeping again.   So someone would need to press the button every minute to stop the alarm.  I wish I could tell the array to check once a day or something until we replace the battery.