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is E-Series 5700 integrate with IBM Tape Library


Hi Dears,


Im searching for integration between EF5700 with IBM Tape library and coudn't find pdf or articles show this point.





Just from my experiece, Tape Libraries interact with the Storage OS via FC/SCSI (Actual Hardware Model is secondary here) and the Host OS if its connected to external Media Server. Hence, it is important to gather following information.


For example :

So we need 3 components here:
1) E5700 OS:11.40.2

Let's assume I have SANtricity 11.40.2

2) Who is the backup Vendor : IBM Spectrum Protect, SnapProtect/CommVault, BackupExec/Netbackup Veritas, Veeam etc.

3) What's the Tape Library Model?


Just one example here: (Assumtions below)

1) E5700 OS:11.40.2
2) Backup Software : Assuming I have CommVault, so there is webapge for - Supported Hardware Storage Arrays (I will lookuo for E5700)
3) Tape Library : Assuming I have IBM TS4300 <-- This compatibility information will come from the Backup Vendor as well, for example - If the Tape Library is attached to a Media Server with Windows/Linux OS, then there is compability with Host OS and Tape Library. If it's NDMP (Direct attached) then there will be a separate list.


Therefore it's the Backup vendor Application that primarily drives interoperability with Storage & Tape library compatibility.