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After adding New Disks


Hi All ,

We are going to add 12 new disks in to DS4243 and im looking forward if you people can help me how to proceed on this. As i have got some steps to perform please cross check and let me know if anything needs to be added.

1) As soon as adding the disks in to the disk shelf they will spin and they will be shown as unassigned disks

2) Check the unassigned disks using command FAS01> disk show -n

3) Now assign the disk to respective filer ( As we have 2-Node Active - Active Cluster FAS2040 )

FAS01> disk assign <FAS01>  <disk id>

Here i have one question how as i am adding 12( 300GB ) disks i will be getting a space of 3432GB of total now how i am going to increase the size of my aggregate i mean

i can just give

FAS01> aggr size aggr0 + <size>

Will the above command will do the needful for me to increase the size of the aggregate else do i need to do something else , please advise.




Re: After adding New Disks



  On step one, don't forget to set  the shelf ID before connecting it to your SAN.  See the DS4243 Installation guide for instructions:


Basically though, push and hold the Shelf ID button until the ID flashes, then push it again until it displays the correct shelf ID.  Push and hold to commit the change, then reboot the shelf. 

On steps 2 and 3, you will want to be aware that many Controllers are set to automatically assign new disk.  To check this, type in this command on your controller CLI:

options disk.auto_assign

If it's set to ON, then your disks will be automatically and immediately assigned a controller once you connect them. If this is NOT desired behavior, then turn this option off first with options disk.auto_assign off

To manually assign, see the Physical Storage management Guide for your version of ONTAP.  It details how the disk assign command works.  In a nutshell, you log onto the controller you want to assign all of the disks to and type:

disk assign all


You can't resize an aggregate with that command.  You add disks, not GB, to an aggregate.   You need to use

aggr add

to add new disks to the aggregate.  The Storage Management guide goes through that too.  It basically looks like this:

aggr add aggr1 24@300

Hope that answers your questions!

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