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Cannot delete users roaming profile from cifs share

Hi all,


we' ve set up roaming profiles from AD to have user folder on a CIFS share on FAS 8040 running Ontap 9.1

Configuration is:

on OnCommand system manager

share: \\dmpp-stor-01\utenti$

permission: everyone - change & read



in SVM Settings we added on windows group BUILTIN\Administrator an AD user


on win 10 client machine we log in with that user but we are not able to delete or view permission of other users folders.

We are trying to accomplish this because anniversary updates creates folder appending .V6 and not .V5 as previous windows version.


This resulting in a waste of space.





Re: Cannot delete users roaming profile from cifs share

this reply might be late. sorry about that.

but looks like u better to open a case


Cannot find the answer you need?  No need to open a support case - just CHAT and we’ll handle it for you.