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Add disk to FAS 2020


Hello, in my FAS 2020 hard disk drive failure, I have disk from another FAS storage. When I insert disk to my FAS I don't remove old owner. I have error: Disk 0c.00.3 is not owned by this node. Solution?





Please check, if the disk was assigned to the correct controller.


To be sure, you can assign the disk manually:

1.) check options disk.auto_assign on both controllers (if on, the disk will auto assign, to do it manually set the option to off)

2.) swap the disk

3.) check with disk show -n, the replaced disk should be shown as not owned

4.) from the controller, which needs the disk, type: disk assign ........DISKNAME..... or disk assign all (if only 1 disk is unowned)

5.) change options disk.auto_assign back (if changed in Step1)




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WARNING!!!   Reassigning disks that have data on them can cause data loss.  Make sure you're not reassigning the wrong disks.





Essentially you can use the disk command to reassign disk ownership.  This might require you to run the priv set advanced command to get access to this command.  Below are a few syntaxes you can use.


disk show -v    this command shows all disks on both controller heads and the current owner


disk show -n   this command would show all unassigned disks (wouldn't apply to you at this time)


disk assign -s unowned DISK_NAME    you'd need to run this command from the command line of the filer you'd like to remove ownership from first.


To put it simply you can first go to the command line of the filer that has the disks you'd want to remove.  Run the sysconfig -r command to show all disks for the system you're on.  Identify the disk name;   examples would be like 0a.71   or    0b.14.3


Then run the disk assign -s unowned 0b.14.3 command for the disk you've identified.   Confirm the disk has been unowned by running the disk show -n command which should then show the disk as a spare.


Once that's done; login to the filer you'd like to assign the disk to and run the disk assign DISK_NAME  for the disk you'd like to assign.   Example:  disk assign 0b.14.3


You can then verify if the disk has been assigned to the filer you're logged into by running the sysconfig -r command (it should show up in the spare section)


Details can be found in the Technical Report below