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DIMM replacement on remote FAS3020.

Hi I am new with NetApp can any one help me to guide DIMM replacement step by step if we have two FAS machine in cluster also help me for diagnistic tests.NetApp filer FAS3020.

What precaution should i take.

Procedure of takeover or giveback

how to use maintainance mode for this activity

what diagnostic sets we take.


Re: DIMM replacement on remote FAS3020.


Make sure you take note of the DIMM number and location prior to the takeover event. The other thing I like to do is unscrew the chassis or any other screws ahead of time -- makes it a little quicker.

Re: DIMM replacement on remote FAS3020.

Is this same for FAS6040 as well , As i came to know that for FAS6040 DIMM is HOT SWAP ??? Please confirm.



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