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DS4243 with third party disk

Netapp had pressed new DS4243 disk shelf. It support 24bay SAS/SATA drives. I have some Dell SAS 300G disks. Can I use these disks in DS4243?


Re: DS4243 with third party disk

hello, Lin

I not sure but this conf, with DELL Drive is not supported ...

And the FW of Drive isn't the same between DELL and NetApp,

Also if you right to panic your FAS, you can try "just for fun" ...

But never in production !

NetApp dont support ypu and DELL to if an drive broked...


Re: DS4243 with third party disk

Pretty much the same as using any third-party disk in NetApp shelves -- definitely not supported and may not work (as NetApp actually has custom firmware in the drives). You'd need NetApp drive carriers as well just for it to physically fit.

So....afraid not....

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