ONTAP Hardware

What is the distance limitation for connecting to an array?


IHAC that is looking to go with a V3140/3170 connected to a CX3-80.

The question is as follows....

If the CX3-80 is in a different data center that is 3 km away from the V3170 controller, can we still connect to it?  Is there a physical distance limitation to connecting OEM storage with the V-Series?




Most all V-Series implementations use local Active-Active V-Series controllers and are fabric attach to local third party arrays.   V-Series also supports MetroCluster using fabric and long distance ISL to attach to storage.

Sounds like you need a solution where the V-Series controllers are at one location and the array would use distance ISLs to attach to some remote storage.  While this should work, it’s far outside the typical configuration we test for and this is an unusual configuration.    There are many ways to get the implementation wrong and would advise against going outside what we typically support. 

If you need this solution, you should fill out a PVR and the detailed V-Series support document with the proposed configuration for review.  We would need to know the distance mechanisms, hops, all switch firmware, long distance transport, array info, etc.  


So,without a PVR it looks like 500m would be the limit . This is the same as the "stretch" cluster, but the controllers would not be stretched... just the storage.