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Does consistency group supported on FAS 8200?


I have FAS8200 array and I cannot see the consistency group option on ONTAP system manager UI.

If Consistency group is supported on FAS storage then what are the roles and license required to create a consistency group?

and how can I see the consistency group option on ONTAP system manager UI?



AFAIK the feature is not available on system manager.


You could use it via APIs. Another option is to use Snap Center with the applicable plugin to take consistency group snapshots of your application volumes...


What is the use case for you?


Thanks for your reply @pedro_rocha .

Could you please tell me, which API we can use to perform Consistency group related operation in FAS?




I was able to find this document that discussing snapmirror API call and what to do to setup a consistency group relationship. 

Document: ONTAP 9.8 REST API


Scroll down to where you see snapmirror and click on the snapmirror/relationships [DOC]

Team NetApp


Hi all,


we are talking about a FAS System right? Only AFF and ASA Systems support that...






I think this is considering the conext of SnapMirror Business Continuity. Or not?


I see from the SnapCenter docs that there is a Consistency Group feature available for backups using custom plug-ins (not mirrors).




So maybe we are missing something... but consistency groups exists ways before SMBC.




Can you tell me your use case scenario?



The below text comes from https://www.netapp.com/fr/media/8744-tr3633.pdf


"If a database spans volumes, a consistency group (CG) Snapshot copy must be created. Several options exist for creating CG Snapshot copies, including NetApp SnapCenter® software, the NetApp SnapCreator® framework, NetApp SnapManager® for Oracle (SMO), NetApp SnapDrive® for UNIX, and user maintained scripts."


Also, take a look here (search for Consistency Group).



Tell us your use case and we may try to help you.


So, for me, this is what you are looking for:


"Where a database must span volumes, a consistency group snapshot copy (CG snapshot) is required. The most common software used to create consistent snapshots is NetApp Snap Creator®, which is available at no charge for any controller with an active support contract. Snap Creator also includes scheduling, pre/post operation scripting abilities, and replication management. Products like the SnapCenter Plug-in for Oracle Database also natively perform CG snapshots when required by the underlying dataset. Lastly, CG snapshots can be easily scripted by using the NetApp Manageability SDK with various scripting languages."






@Vipul-Dhimate ,


Sorry that you are unable to see the consistency group option within ONTAP system manager.  I know you can setup the CG from ONTAP CLI.


Here is documentation that explains how to setup a CG relationship from CLI. 


Few things to note:

  • Must be cluster or SVM admin
  • Must have SnapMirror Synchronous license
  • The destination volume must be a DP

There are a few other things but that should answer your initial questions.  I am still researching how to setup the consistency groups via System Manager.


Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.





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