FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions

FAS2020 stuck in BMC Console



I have a FAS2020 that appears to be stuck at the BMC console.  After doing some reading, I ran the 'sensors show' command and the BIOS was reported as 'hung'.  After a power-cycle, the BIOS shows as 'normal', but the FAS is still stuck at the BMC console.  Any suggestion are greatly appreciated.

- D



It sounds like problem resolved in this kb


It was already discussed here



Thanks for the respons.  I'd found that fix earlier but it didn't help in my case.  Whenever I switch over to the system console, I only get a flashing cursor and cannot input commands (only command that works is Ctl+G to switch back to the BMC console).  Thanks again!

- D

Can you collect console output when doing startup, put it in file and post it here?


In the end, it seems that it was a hardware issue.  NETAPP sent a new controller for the FAS, and we are able to move past the BMC console.  FAS booted fine and VMs were available but it shuts down after 60 secs because the NVRAM battery isn't sufficiently charged.  I'll check again in the morning to see if all is well.

- D

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