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FAS2240-2 SNMP performance monitoring




I am attempting to monitor the performance of FAS2240-2 using SNMP. My goal is to create graphs (using Zabbix+Grafana) to help me correlate application slowdown to a storage issue.


As far as I understand it (and I am no great expert, unfortunately), I need to monitor values like disk utilization and latency.

I tried finding an OID for the "Disk Util" value I see in sysstat but there doesn't seem to be one? I also can't find anything indicating latency.


Basically I would like your help with basic guidelines on what values I should monitor to identify storage issues/bottlenecks, and if those values are exposed to SNMP.

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you


Re: FAS2240-2 SNMP performance monitoring


actually i think "disk ut" in sysstat -x 1 should be the good one to start. as it's the max disk ut in system which tells u max ut of one/more disks' performance state.


hopefully helps






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