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FAS3170 + DS4342 wiring diagram

Can someone look at my wiring for the shelves.

I'm going off the cabling instructions from https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMM1280392


I chained the shelves with the SAS cables.

Then ran ethernet from all for ports up to the switch.


My e0M is run too but on a different subnet.


8.1.4 7-mode


Am I missing anything?





Re: FAS3170 + DS4342 wiring diagram

SAS shelves are never connected to the switch. They are daisy chained directly to private management ports on both controllers.

Re: FAS3170 + DS4342 wiring diagram


So I have the shelves connected to the controllers.

And then the controllers e0a e0b to the swtich. Not to the shelves.

Is that correct?


What is the preferred way of getting the netapp attached to my application servers? I am planning NFS over ethernet.


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