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FAS6280 V

Hi there,

I am working on a proposal on moving from a EMC Storage (DMX, Centerra) to NetApp storage. We would like to propose NetApp 6280V. We are thinking of putting the DMX storages behind Vfiler

and migrate the data to NetApp. Could anyone please help me in responding to the following.

1) Can we virtualise Centerra(Content Accesses Storage) under VFiler?

2) Is there any Content Based storage product from NetApp?

3) Which is the best Data Migration tool from NetApp to migrate the data from EMC storages to NetApp storage.




Re: FAS6280 V

NetApp has an appliance called DTA2800 to do SAN based data migrations, or you can contact NetApp's Professional Services to do the migration for you if you don't want to buy a box for one time use.

When you virtualize a storage with V-Series, you do the data administration on the NetApp box, that's the idea of using a V-Series, the 3rd party array only handles the RAID level tasks.



Re: FAS6280 V

NetApp has StorageGrid - but it's not the same API as Centera.

For file locking you could use Snaplock Enterprise with the virtualized storage.

Check out the KB!
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