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FAS8020 FlexArray 3PAR Backend Connectivity/Zoning?



I am need of some assistance with physically connecting a FAS8020 FlexArray to a 3PAR back-end storage and how to configure zoning on the switch. I have attached a diagram of the proposed layout and zoning configuration.

Our environment has a four node 3PAR 7400 storage system with 16 paths and I have not see any diagrams/examples on how to physically connect and zone this type of configuration as back-end FlexArray storage.

Can someone please review the following diagram/zoning configuration and provide feedback and recommendations.

All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance!


Re: FAS8020 FlexArray 3PAR Backend Connectivity/Zoning?


Hi there,


did you ever get a reply on this? Looking at the same scenario at my customer right now, but information is rare.


Regards Oli

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