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FC card offline - how can I bring it online


Dear all,


I have a FAS3220 runing NetApp Release 8.2.5P1 7-Mode. Slot 2 in the controller has a QLogic card in it but the card is offline:

slot 2: Fibre Channel Target Host Adapter 2a
(QLogic 2532 (2562) rev. 2, <OFFLINED BY USER/SYSTEM>)
Board Name: QLE2562
Serial Number: BFD1248F51482
Firmware rev: 5.8.0
Preload Rev: 3.3.2
Host Port Addr: 000000
FC Nodename: 50:0a:09:80:88:d1:d5:03 (500a098088d1d503)
FC Portname: 50:0a:09:81:88:d1:d5:03 (500a098188d1d503)
Connection: No link
Switch Port: Unknown
SFP Vendor Name: FINISAR CORP. (Warning: SFP info not updated when port is OFFLINE)
SFP Vendor P/N: FTLF8528P3BCV-QL
SFP Vendor Rev: A
SFP Serial No.: PNB3X2F
SFP Connector: LC
SFP Capabilities: 2, 4, 8 Gbit/Sec
I/O base 0x00000000ffffff00, size 0x100
memory mapped I/O base 0xded00000, size 0x4000


The card show up in the ucadmin command:


FAS3220> ucadmin show
Current Current Pending Pending Admin
Adapter Mode Type Mode Type Status
------- ------- --------- ------- --------- -------
0c fc initiator - - offline
0d fc initiator - - offline
2a fc target - - offline
2b fc target - - offline
3a fc initiator - - offline
3b fc initiator - - offline
3c fc initiator - - offline
3d fc initiator - - offline


How can I bring the card online again ? 


Best regards,


Johnny Begood.


Re: FC card offline - how can I bring it online


Can you bring it online with the "storage enable adapter 2a" command?





Re: FC card offline - how can I bring it online




Thanks for your reply. The problem is that FC adapter 2a is not visible in the output of 'storage show adapter'. So maybe I need a deeper level in the NetApp firmware to enable the adapter. Do you have an idea ?


Best regards,



Re: FC card offline - how can I bring it online


Our issue with a QLogic 2432 was the "type" wasn't specified: "fcadmin offline <card>" fcadmin config -t target <card>", reboot. Yours does show the type but I thought this mnight lead you somewhere in troubleshooting. Cards still don't show in "storage show adapter" for whatever reason but they do function and show in "sysconfig -a". We have V3240's with 8.2.2 in a lab

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