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Gateway for VLAN interfaces



How to configure gateway for VLAN interfaces? Found information about default gateway https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1034563/~/how-to-change-the-default-gateway-to-a-new-gateway- but cant't find any information about configuration gateway for VLAN interfaces. 


Re: Gateway for VLAN interfaces



I am bit out-of-touch with 7-mode stuff, but as I remember, the routing table uses the default route when no other known route exists for a given packet's. But, you can add static route to for the destination using the following command.


How to use the route add command

To add a route to the (or whatever destination) network via, use the following syntax, using the proper value for the metric:

filer> route add net 1


Put that command in /etc/rc, else you will lose this route on a reboot. /etc/rc gets read at boot and sets up your network settings.

filer>rdfile /etc/rc
Copy all the text that it outputs, past it in a notepad, add the above command below the route add default, and write it back.
filer>wrfile /etc/rc
paste the edited notepad stuff.

This command overwrites the file with everything you enter at this point.




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