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How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

With a brand new 3140, is there a way to determine whether the installed FC HBAs are in initiator or target mode. Aside from netbooting in, and without any prior knowledge of ordering.

As if you went to a client and pulled the system out of the boxes and racked it up.


Re: How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

cli: fcadmin config

The output will show the adapter type (initiator or target)

Use the fcadmin to change the type also

Re: How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

Sorry...I meant to add that there is no Operating System on there yet.  An alternative to using the rlm or netboot image.  Is there a way to find out that information.

Re: How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

You could also maint mode boot (ctrl-c for special boot menu, option 5) and see what fc commands are available.  The parts descriptions on the order sheet will tell you if the parts are with part number and an "initiator" or "target" description.

For a FAS3140, x1128a (dual port) and x1130a (quad port) are FCP Target HBAs.  x2054A/B and x2055A are Initiator HBAs.

If you see FCP licensed on the system (see the order if you can't boot the system)... then if there is an x1128a or x1130a, then the onboard ports (0a-0d) should all be initiator mode.  If there are no target FCP hbas, then 0c and 0d should be target mode and 0a and 0b should be in initiator mode.  Supported FCP targets are either all onboard or offboard (PCI slots) without a mix of onboard/pci.  Initiiator ports can be both on and offboard (pci).  So, with FCP licensed at shipment, if there are target HBAs or not, you can determine the ports.  "fcadmin config" will show onboard mode of initiator/target/diabled.  "fcp show adapters" will show all fcp target hbas.

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Re: How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

Curious as I am trying to understand:

ONTAP is on flash, and you can boot w/o disks.  Is there a reason why you wouldn't want to rack the head, boot ONTAP from flash and then run the sysstat() & fcadmin() commands?

Re: How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

Ok what exactly are you looking to achive? Do you want a working system. Is it clustered or single controller? How many disk have you got.

The Flash has a limited amount of function. as said above you can interupt the boot by ctlr+c and select option 5 for maint mode or 4(4a) to zero disks (if you have no data on them) to prepair the filer for a new os.

To be honest If you have no clue on NetApp its wise to call your reseller or NetApp for help.

Re: How to determine if HBA is initiator or target

Recently, I had a customer who received a FAS3140 (no disks and no PCI cards in the order) with all the onboards set as targets

  • Goes into maintenance mode and attempts to offline the adapter (and change to initiator mode) - Errors out saying can't offline while FCP service is stopped
  • Can't stick a disk shelf and boot it up fully, cause all adapters are target ports

Ended up issuing a "set-defaults", according to the Customer. (anyone know exactly what the default settings are?)

Also, I often see 0a and 0c set to initiators and 0b and 0d set to targets..

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