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Interpretation of cpuCount mib

FAS 6280 system can host two 6 core 12 threads X5670

Given snmpget returns cpuCount=12 for

iso. = INTEGER: 12


Would the 12 be the number of cores, or threads?

Does it mean there are 1 or 2 sockets fitted?


Re: Interpretation of cpuCount mib

That doesn't sound right. If you run a sysstat -M from the node shell or 7-mode (requires diag), it should show 8 CPU cores IIRC on the 6280. The 6290 has 12 cores.

Re: Interpretation of cpuCount mib

I stand corrected. Maybe I'm thinking 6250. It's been a few years since I've seen those systems.


Looking at HWU:


Processor Model
Processor Architechture
Processor Speed
Processor Count (Per Node)
64-bit 6-core 2.93 GhzFAS6280 - Dual Chassis HA Pair with IO Expansion
Processor Model
64 bit
2.93 Ghz


Re: Interpretation of cpuCount mib

Thanks for the reply,

FAS6280 can have two x5670.

Each has 6 cores, and thus as per below page 12 threads,



Would those 12, be threads of single CPU, or cores of two CPUs?

IOW.  Having second socket fitted, should there to be 24?

Re: Interpretation of cpuCount mib

sysstat -m would show you from CLI/node shell. I think the highest I've seen is 12 cores. It doesn't count hyperthreaded cores as separate but shows physical.

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