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Is it possible to hook a tape drive up to a FAS2620?


We are currently playing with ideas for how we want to do backups going forward. Currently we have a server that runs Netvault that does NDMP from the NetApp to tape. However reading the Ontap docs leads me to believe that it is possible for the NetApp to talk directly to a library, no server needed. I'm interested in that, but can't seem to find any information on it. So what I'm wondering is if this is something that can be done or not with our setup?


We have a FAS2620 that hooks up to to a 212C disk shelf. All 4 SAS ports on the host are used to do the redundant hookup to the shelf. So would we be able to hook a tape drive up to the shelf and just have it as part of the SAS loop? If so, is there a way to find out what tape libraries are supported?


Finally, is this a terrible idea? 🙂


Re: Is it possible to hook a tape drive up to a FAS2620?


There are many factors in configuring backups and a disaster recovery plans.  The Interoperability Matrix Tool will show supported configurations. Hardware Universe will show what ports are on the storage controller. Below are links that will be helpful. The TR-4376 discusses typologies. Object based storage like Amazon S3 is a popular choice for many. A conversation with a Sales Engineer that can ask questions about goals and current configuration will give you a more comprehensive list of your options. With the pros and cons of each.


NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool



NDMP in Clustered Data ONTAP for Tape Backup Software Applications



NetApp Hardware Universe




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Re: Is it possible to hook a tape drive up to a FAS2620?


Depends on tape drive. IMT does show support for SAS connections.

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