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Issue joining FAS2020 to Windows Domain

Hello all,

I have a filer that I am trying to join to an MS domain.  Connectivity has been verified but when I run the CIFS setup wizard, it fails with following error msg: Primary Domain Controller must be active for installation...oddly enough, DC is present and as mentioned earlier, can ping Filer's IP.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Issue joining FAS2020 to Windows Domain


I think the issue you are hitting is documented in this KB article:


Ensure that options dns.enable is on. The option dns.enable is off by default.



Re: Issue joining FAS2020 to Windows Domain


Thank you for the response.  The filer's DNSsettings were enabled, the only difference is that they set through the CIFS setup wizard. I'll use cli to see if it makes a difference.  Thanks again, and I'm hoping that my filer is just being stubborn.