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Lacp between Fas3240 and Extreme Networks?


I'm all new to Netapp and have tried configuring two lacp groups between each controller and two stacked Extreme Networks x670. During the initial configuration of the fas, we got some kind of loop which put out our production network for 30 minutes.

The lacp group is created on the Extreme Networks with the following command:

Enable sharing 1:39 grouping 1:39,2:39 lacp

Which means a layer 2 lacp based sharing where 1:39 is the lag and the ports are 1:39 and 2:39. Three vlans are configured for each lacp group. Speed is set to auto and whether lacp is active or passive is unknown but can be configured.

Any ideas?



Re: Lacp between Fas3240 and Extreme Networks?

This sounds like a support related question. If you have an active NetApp Support login, there are subject matter experts in the NetApp Support Community that may help answer your questions.

If this is an urgent issue please open a case with NetApp Technical Support.




Re: Lacp between Fas3240 and Extreme Networks?

It turned out that our Extreme switch stack was incorrect configured - it lacked configuration af master-capability on the second stacking module. Apparently it affected the LACP functionality. After we got it straightened out everything worked like a charm

Check out the KB!
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