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Last date of support FAS2552 and FAS 2520


Dear you,


Our company tries to tracks end of life notices from various IT equipment so we know when we really really need to replace it.
The following systems I tried to find the final date of support and got a bit puzzled.



FAS2520-101-R6 I found and end date, but is that the same as our FAS2520-101-CTL-R6?
And FAS2552 is listed also many many times at https://mysupport.netapp.com/info/eoa/df_eoa_category_page.html?category=Storage also a lot, but does that include our FAS2552-R6 and FAS2552A-SSA-R6?


From the My Products page on the NetApp site I could not see any notice, but also not sure if that should pop-up somewhere or not...


Re: Last date of support FAS2552 and FAS 2520




the correct place to check for it is at hwu.netapp.com

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: Last date of support FAS2552 and FAS 2520


Yes, the HWU is an excellent place to search for EOA and EOS information for a particular product.


Though the particular parts you are looking for appear to be missing, all part number variants for FAS25xx EOA and EOS are covered by this Customer Product Communique (CPC):

CPC-1706-04 - AFF8080 and AFF8040 All Flash FAS Systems

                         FAS2520, FAS2552, and FAS2554 Systems

                         FAS8020, FAS8040, FAS8060, and FAS8080 EX Systems


HW EOS: 31-JAN-2023*


* As part of a special, limited program, some systems that NetApp sells have a support contract end date that is past the end-of-support date shown in this table. That date supersedes the date shown in the table.

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