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MS iSCSI connected to FAS270 issue


Hi All,

Wonder if I can pick some brains.

I have (did have!) two windows 2003 servers connected via iSCSI to a LUN on a fas270. All was working well both servers could see the data etc,etc.

I needed to reboot the servers due to updates. When the servers have come back up I cannot see the Drive letter anymore.

If I look in Disk Mgt. I can see the disk listed as Foreign and Dynamic but has a warning symbol in it. I cannot import the foreign drive I get an error

The disk group contains no vaild configuation copies. (C10000B6)

Any ideas? I have about 50GB of data on here that I could do with getting back.




Re: MS iSCSI connected to FAS270 issue


Are you using Microsoft iSCSI initiator? After the server reboot, your iSCSI connections may be not established. Make sure they are properly configured after the reboot.

Hope that helps,


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