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I Have a Netapp Device that is connected in a security VLAN there are not policies applied and no specials ACls etc. However, when I try to map the share created to a windows server it does not work. Meaning it just fails and does not prompt for password etc. In my production side I can map the drive instantly. My suggestion is since its a CIFS share it works with AD and that is the reason why it fails. Howver i create a local account that has access to the share and it works.




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is the SVM that has the share able to connect to AD?    

Has a CIFS lif and correct DNS?     



Re: Map Share

Yes @SpindleNinja 



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It does sound like it can't auth with AD.   

Couple other questions - 

when you say "secure VLAN"  does that mean it's part of a DMZ?     

Is this a single SVM or two SVMs?   



Here's some commands to help troubleshoot Domain connections -https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/topic/com.netapp.doc.cdot-famg-cifs/GUID-CAED5556-D751-4BCA-BF39-EFDEEBC1312A.html  


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@SpindleNinja  sorry. the Security VLAN is just that no DMZ the name is taken because it has to do with the security team but not actually security.

Its just one SVM.

The server on the security VLAN is not AD joined its that the reason for it not to connect? cant it connect using a local user account created?

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It might have something to do with that.  


I've not set any SVM up in this way,  but I believe it's supported.  




Re: Map Share

@SpindleNinja  Hi Spindle, you are a great help. I just wanted to let you know I figure it out. You can create a local user and assign the user to the share to have access. and the reason why it was not working was because CIFS protocol was turned off on the server. so weird.


thanks for your help as usual.


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