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Preferred DC Shows None

Hello All!


I'm trying to set my preferred Domain Controller list, as we've had a lot of problems with one and we have 3 in a current location.


I run my:

cifs prefdc add <DomainController> <ip address>

cifs resetdc


And still when I run a cifs domaininfo


It shows "None" under preferred list.


I feel like this is a simple process, but I must be missing something.




Re: Preferred DC Shows None

these are really DCs of domain the filler is belonging to? "cifs domaininfo" only shows discovered DCs of current domain.

You can review preferred list by "cifs prefdc print"

Re: Preferred DC Shows None

the command cifs prefdc print show the preferred DC's I set, but they aren't being used after I run a cifs resetdc

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