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Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp


We've only had our NetApp a few weeks and I've just realised that there is a big hole in my knowledge about it.

We occasionally have work done on the substation that powers the server room and as part of this we have to power everything off, what is the proper command to do this for the NetApp? (we have 2 controllers that failover)

Also Once the power is back on can the devices be turned back on remotely from command line (using the remote management port) or does someone have to be on site to press the button?

Many thanks



Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

Hey Matt,

First type "cf disable" to turn off cluster fail over.

Use a serial cable to plug into the back of the NetApp and type in "halt" (or if you have SP, BMC, RLM configured you can use this)

You can also SSH into it, but you can't watch the whole shutdown sequence occur as you will disconnected before it fully shuts down.

After both controllers have been halted you can power everything down.

When you're ready to start it back up, turn all the shelves on, wait until all shelves boot up (I wait about 2 minutes) then turn on the controllers.

You MUST use your serial cable, SP, BMC, or RLM in order to boot it back up, you do this by typing "boot_ontap" on each controller.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

That's great thanks,

OK dumb question number 1, could you define, SP, BMC, RLM  for me so I know I'm definately looking at the correct thing?

Many thanks


Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

What kind of controllers are you trying to shut down?

Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

You could also just turn the power off and then turn it back on. It is not a must to reset via boot_ontap. With the caveat that you set AUTOBOOT properly.

Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

We have an FAS2040.

Thanks Doug, it's good to know that if all else fails we can do that, want to at least know the "best practice" way of doing things though

Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

The FAS2040 has the remote management port (wrench port) and the serial console. You may have one or both ports setup for this purpose. This will allow you to connect to the FAS2040 out of band and manage while the system is halting/halted. You can connect to the serial console using the usual methods or configure the SP by issuing the sp command in Ontap. You would then plug into the remote management port and access the SP through the IP address that was configured.



As I mentioned above most likely you'll cf disable/halt the two controllers and notice they've been halted via the SP/Console. At that point I'd just turn them off along with any attached shelves. Once the power comes back first turn on any attached shelves, then wait a few minutes before powering up the controllers.

Now on most netapps the LED on the front indicates the system as been halted, so there is no need to login via the SP/Console. With the FAS2040 I am unsure of how/if this is displayed -- so its good to attach/connect via out of band management to make sure the head is properly halted.

Re: Proper Procedure to Shutdown / Power Up Netapp

Sorry for not replying for ages, I'v3 been on holiday for a week.

That's brilliant thanks very much for your help.


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