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Why no Snaplock support in 8.01 7-mode and when will it be supported?


No Snaplock in 8.01 7-mode provides us an interesting challenge.  It means we cannot use the 6200 series Filers which require 8.01, until Snaplock support is there for our WORM data requirements.

To continue our compliance archiving challenges on NetApp, Snaplock is obviously the poor relation in NetApps Software certification -  No Snaplock in ONTAP C-mode 8.1......



SnapLock wasn't supported in the 7.3.0 release either, but was with 7.3.1.

My guess is that it's due to the need for certification of compliance, and that it will be coming Real Soon Now...

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It is now mid March 2011 and did anyone receive any update from NetApp on the release date of OnTap 8.1.

My customer is getting f***up with the delay in this product as they need it urgently



Unless you absolutely HAVE TO HAVE Ontap 8 for reason X you could go to (or stay) on an Ontap version that supports snaplock

and upgrade to 8.1 once it has become GD release.

7.3.5 support snaplock as far as I am aware. In this case you could upgrade to 7.3.5 and wait until 8.1 is mature enough to upgrade to.

Hope this helps.




Its worse as my client is already on Ontap 8.01 with 20Tb and needs Snaplock that is not available yet.

There is no release data for 8.1 and downgrade to 7.2 or 7.3 takes 2 weeks. We tested with 7.2.5 and 7.3 and our software works with it.



hi Robert,

As I understand it your guys bought a controller that will only support 8.x? Or was that someone else?

There is no easy way out of this one. Maybe get a smaller controller, migrate the data onto it and migrate once 8.1 is out?

It would cost more but would be less risky. I d dread doing such a major downgrade. Good luck with it all!


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Hi All,

One of our customer want to configure WORM. The filer have ONTAP 8.1

Is 8.1 support WORM....

Please guide.


8.1 (7-Mode) brings the support for SnapLock back - have a look at release notes:





Hi All,

We have implemented Snaplock in Data ONTAP® 8.1 7-Mode RC3 on FAS 2040.

Ontap 8.1 RC3 is supporting Snaplock. Our customer specifically asked WORM