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Replacement drive for FAS3240 512B/sect not 520B/sect


I am having trouble with a replacement disk on a FAS3240 (NetApp Release 8.2.3P4 7-Mode). I have replaced the bad disk but it appears that the replacement disk has been formatted at 512B instead of 520B. The replacement disk is a certified NetApp drive so I know it is originally from NetApp and has NetApp firmware. We did get this one from a third-party vendor because we are not currently under NetApp support. We have had the disk on the shelf too long to return it now so we are stuck with it. I uploaded the latest qual_devices files to both controllers just in case those are needed. I know the code version is old but it is what we are stuck with now. Is there a way to change the replacement disk to 520B?


12.5 : NETAPP X412_S15K7560A15 NA08 560.0GB 520B/sect (6SL78JFM0000N4121LM9)
12.6 : NETAPP X412_S15K7560A15 NA07 560.0GB 512B/sect (Failed) <---- 512B/sector instead of 512B
12.7 : NETAPP X412_S15K7560A15 NA08 560.0GB 520B/sect (6SL78KWT0000N4130ZZ7)


[Filer1:disk.init.badSectorSize:error]: Disk 3c.12.6 has an unexpected sector size (512 bytes) and cannot be used.

[Filer1:disk.init.failure.error:warning]: Disk 3c.12.6 failed initialization due to error 0.


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