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Upgrade ifgrp from 1GB to 10GB?


We currently have a ifgrp of 5 1GB ports that we are going to be upgrading to 10GB in a FAS3140 cluster.

Right now it is a quad-port card with e0a and e4a-d and we are going to a dual 10GB card on e3a-b.

The ifgrp is called ig0.

We want it the same name, and IPs.

I am wondering if this would work as a plan to change to the 10GB interface.

Fail over head 1 to head 2.

While failed over edit the rc file and change the ifgrp command to use the e3 interfaces from the e4 and e0 interfaces.

Fail back - in theory it should now be using the 10GB interfaces for the ifgrp?

Repeat for head 2 (fail over, edit the rc, fail back).

Since the ifgrp name and IP would be the same everything else should work?  Correct?

Thanks for any info!


Re: Upgrade ifgrp from 1GB to 10GB?


Yes, this should work. I did it several times.

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Re: Upgrade ifgrp from 1GB to 10GB?


Agreed...we have done many times. Just carefully check your rc and hosts files...but in your case the same ifgrp name so just the ifgrp create changes in rc only so even easier.  You can also edit the rc file before you takeover the node or after takeover since processed on boot or giveback.

Do you have a single 10GbE card though?  If a single card, you might want to configure negotiated failover (NFO) in the rare event of card or pci failure so that the node fails over.  Right now a card failure would leave your single e0a or 4 ports on e4a-d running (degraded but running).  You could also setup a second level ifgrp with a single 10GbE port primary, then a secondary of the 4-5 gigabit ports.  If you have 2 10GbE NICs then you likely wouldn't do this...but we did for another customer so the 10GbE single port failed over internally to a quad gigabit ifgrp (single-mode ifgrp with 10GbE favored and gigabit lacp ifgrp not favored).

Re: Upgrade ifgrp from 1GB to 10GB?


Perfect  - thanks!

Yeah we have only the one 10GB dual port nic and I have (will) NFO on it.

I am not sure if we are planning to pull the quad-1GB or not but I do like the idea of a secondary ifgrp of the 1GB ports.

Re: Upgrade ifgrp from 1GB to 10GB?


I am upgrading a Netapp 7 mode from 1GB to 10GB. Currently the VIF has 4 ports "e0a-e0d".  Will be adding 2 new 10gb dual port cards. I want to retain the same name and IP address. Appreciate if you could give me the steps.

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