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Using ex-R200 SATA Disk Shelf into FAS3050c


Dear All,

I have 2 R200 SATA Disk Shelves with R200 controller and In another hand, I have FAS3050c controller.

I have  plan to attach the FAS3050c Controller with SATA Disk, so I will use all ex-R200 SATA Disk shelves.

I have run in maintenance mode in FAS3050c using serial console, then execute command "disk_list" or "disk show", BUT it did not give any available disk output.

*> disk_list

     DISK    CHAN  VENDOR   PRODUCT ID       REV  SERIAL#              HW (BLOCKS   BPS) DQ

------------ ----- -------- ---------------- ---- -------------------- -- -------------- --

  No disks found on system!  Check cabling,

SCSI id jumpers and drive termination.

All the adapter condition is OFFLINE. I have tried to online one of it using "fcadmin online 0a".

By this command, the controller , through adapter 0a, can see all disk shelves, but in a few seconds, the adapter became OFFLINE again and at the end , I got messages:

*** Device 0a. i31 resides in ans  enclosure not qnoualified for thiw s platform.


Thu Feb 16 10:01:25 GMT [ses.config.noEnclosureServices:error]: No Enclosure Services detected through channel 0a.

Thu Feb 16 10:01:26 GMT [monitor.shelf.configError:CRITICAL]: Enclosure services has detected an error in access to shelves or shelf configuration 0a.


        The following SES device has not been qualified by Network Appliance for this platform.

        For a list of devices qualified for this platform, please contact Network Appliance Global Services.

        SES Configuration Information:

         logical identifier=0x50050cc002189d96

         vendor identification=XYRATEX

         product identification=DS14-Mk2-AT

         product revision level=0208

        Vendor-specific information:


*** Device 0a.15 resides in an enclosure not qualified for this platform."

I have check the compatibility from now.netapp.com website and get the information that

1. R200 support for R200 disk shelf (DS14mk2 AT) --> 320-GB ATA (PN: X266A/X266B-R5) and

2. FAS3050c support for   DiskShelf14mk2 AT --> 320-GB ATA (PN: X266B-R5)

From this system configuration, I assumed that there is no problem while attaching SATA DISK SHELF (DS14MK2 AT) either to R200 or to FAS3050c.

Is there anyone have any idea how to attach ex-R200 SATA Disk Shelf (DS14MK2 AT) to FAS3050c? What should I do so I can use ex-R200 SATA disk shelves into FAS3050c?

Kindly need any suggestion, please?

Many thanks



Re: Using ex-R200 SATA Disk Shelf into FAS3050c


Dear All,

I have know the answer.

Maybe because I am a newbie in NetApp system....so I have many things missed..

I looked at into the LRC Card Module (behind the disk shelf) of the ex-R200 SATA (320A) disk shelf , and get letters "AT-FC2". All the SATA disk shelves have this letter behind them.

I tried to change the LRC Card from another SATA (250A) disk shelf with LRC Card Type AT-FCX and it worked. Controller FAS3050c could recognize the disk shelves.

I tried to looking for the answer and get the information from NetApp knowledgebase "3012392".

It says that "FAS270, FAS3000, and FAS6000: Supports only the AT-FCX module" --> https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=3012392

So, the problem is solved. I just need to change the LRC card that supported by the controller.

Thanks for any help and views...



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