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View Open Sessions 7-Mode Ontap 8


Anyone know how to view open sessions on a 7-Mode Ontap 8 then close all the sessions?


I see documented "cifs sessions" but I dont see any commands where I can filter on the volume or the share. 


Re: View Open Sessions 7-Mode Ontap 8




Some pointers.


The closest you can get to 'filter' on volume and sessions by using combination of commands.


First: Following command will tell you the 'users' and what 'shares' they are connected-to. In this example:

Share = vol_test


7-mode> cifs sessions *

shares/files opened (TEST.COM\administrator - pcuser)


Second: Use the regular command 'cifs shares' to determine volume it's share (In this example, vol & share_name are same).

7-mode> cifs shares
Name                Mount Point                         Description
----                           -----------                         -----------
vol_test        /vol/vol_test everyone /       Full Control


Some more handy commands: Data ONTAP 7-Mode:

To terminate CIFS only on a particular volume (vol1 is used as an example): -t is number of seconds...
filer> cifs terminate -t 5 -v vol1


To restart CIFS on a specific volume (for Data ONTAP 6.5 and later):
filer> cifs restart -v vol1


To close all the sessions for the entire filer node:
filer> cifs terminate -t 0


There is a KB:


If you would like to know : Which SMB protocol, or total number of CIFS sessions, then:

filer> cifs sessions -t
Using domain authentication. Domain type is Windows 2000.
Root volume language is not set. Use vol lang.
Number of WINS servers: 0
Total CIFS sessions: 1
CIFS open shares: 1
CIFS open files: 0
CIFS locks: 0
CIFS credentials: 1
IPv4 CIFS sessions: 1
IPv6 CIFS sessions: 0
Cumulative IPv4 CIFS sessions: 39
Cumulative IPv6 CIFS sessions: 0
CIFS sessions using security signatures: 0
SMB 1.0 CIFS sessions: 1
SMB 2.0 CIFS sessions: 0
SMB 2.1 CIFS sessions: 0


If you just want to know which users are connected:
filer> cifs sessions -s


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Re: View Open Sessions 7-Mode Ontap 8


Thanks, it seems a little complex. I can use MMC and see who is connected to a shared folder. 

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