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What Model is best for this?

Would anyone know what systems would take 25 x disks NL-SAS of a capacity 8TB would it be a FAS or a DS shelf?


i have been suggested FAS2750 is this the best?


Re: What Model is best for this?

the FAS27xx is the latest gen of spinning disk FAS systems.   There's two versionss.   2750 and 2720.  The 2750 has 24x 2.5" drive slots and the 2720 has 12x 3.5" drive slots.    


25 is an odd number though.   for 24 ALL NL-SAS  you'll want to look at the FAS2720.    with a DS212. 

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Re: What Model is best for this?

Okay so i would need both FAS2720 and DS212 how can you put them together?


i am new to this so dont really understand? Like how would it work you put the 8TB drives in both and connect them together?

Re: What Model is best for this?

They are connected on the backend using dedicated SAS connections.    Each FAS/AFF  "backend" ports which connect disk shelves via SAS or NVMe  as well as back end networking.    There are also client/host access ports for serving out data on them. 


Check out "Stage 3" on the install diagram.   You'll see how the shelves are connected together.  




Re: What Model is best for this?

thank you so much.


last thing would you know the part number for the 8tb drives to go into the fas and ds u suggested?


you have been so helpful!!

Re: What Model is best for this?

All part numbers are in hwu.netapp.com    There's usually one or two different models per.  


But where are you getting the 8TB from?    Just a capacity need?   Keep in mind there is also a spindle count that needs to be factored in depending on the workload. 

Re: What Model is best for this?

the fas and the Ds need to be full of 8TB drives.


i have lots of 8TB just needed to find out which models would take 24 8tb.

Re: What Model is best for this?

are they NetApp branded drives?    should be part #  X318A-R6



You can't just take off the shelf drives and put them in an ONTAP system.    


Re: What Model is best for this?

Perfect, i have around 76 X318A-R6 so they will work.

Re: What Model is best for this?

for the FAS2720 and DS212. Do i just need the Chassis or does the FAs need to come with dual controller and stuff?

Re: What Model is best for this?

just a bunch of drives, no chassis or shelves or controllers?  


not sure how that would quote out..   I'd reach out to your partner for those details. 

Re: What Model is best for this?

I have the 8TB drives.


I dont have the FAS2720 and the DS212


Would I buy the FAS with a dual controller  (not sure what the dual controller is i thought that was the fas) and the DS212 Chassis?

Re: What Model is best for this?

Not 100% sure you can quote it that way honestly... Check with your partner or local netapp rep.  

Re: What Model is best for this?

Sales would sell you the unit with a support contract, and you would just buy the extra shelf. It might be a little longer to get a custom quote because you already have the drives. The support contract would have to be written to support those drives so you can get free RMAs for failed disks.


If you're trying to save money, it might just be better to get a pre-sold quote and return the drives from wherever you bought tuem (unless they are lightly used drives). Chances are the drives may have some hours on them and be closer to hitting the end of their useful life, and the account team may not let that happen. If they came from another system you had that you bought from NetApp directly (or through a VAR), that's a different story.

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