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similar operation to rsync in netapp

Hi Team,


We have Netapp FAS 3220 8.1.4 7 mode. I want backup files to remote or another nfs server (remote server is Not Netapp BOx ) for recovery in case of failure. We use for this purpose rsync. But rync is not available in Netapp is there any other solution i can use in Netapp.


We have to netapp volume data to another NFS server.


I can mount netapp shared nfs mount another server and make them work using rsync but generally it will take much time.


I hope for this purpose net app has solution. If yes Please advice.  





Re: similar operation to rsync in netapp

Hi Sagar, 


I would suggest to use ndmp dump command to just dump the volume on to linux server destination, Refer to the KB below on how to use ndmp dump.





If your environment has a backup tool i suggest you to configure NDMP backup which will make things easier.





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