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Converged Systems Advisor 4.2 - Adding Nexus Devices - ERROR


I'm attempting to configure a new installation of CSA 4.2 in our lab environment and I have been able to add vCenter, UCS Manager, and our NetApp Cluster without any trouble at all.  However, adding the Nexus switches did not go as well.


The devices authenticated just fine for the initial add but upon reaching out to validate the devices, CSA encountered the following error on both switches:


The following parsing errors were found: [ParsingError(error_code="EngCisco101", msg="Error while discovering Cisco Nexus device for <IP_ADDRESS_OF_SWITCH> host", traceback="Error while discovering Cisco nexus device : ips_eng_cisco.snapshots.py::common_commands : no hardware slots")]


I have removed and tried to add them again just to be sure that nothing was typed incorrectly with the authentication credentials.


The switches are Nexus 3548 running BIOS version 2.0.10 and system version 6.0(2)A8(10a).



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