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HCI H615C IMPI Certificate Replacement


Hi All,


I'm attempting to replace the certificate for the IMPI on our H615C servers, however all combination I've tried are failing with either invalid cert or key.


Does anyone know what combination should be used?


Many thanks


Re: HCI H615C IMPI Certificate Replacement


Hello Gary.

I am not sure if the following will help in your situation but his comments about certificate formats is so true as it is the same issue we face on other products with self signed certs.

Not sure what version of HCI you are running which also may change the procedure for doing this.
Are you changing the certificate because it is expiring?
If so, an update to the version of HCI software may be needed.

Internally, all I was able to find for IPMI on H615C was the following which is really just the password setup.

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