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How to upgrade Flexpod? - All components


What is the procedure of upgrading the Flexpod if all  components (UCS, Netapp, ESXi) need updates?

I got hold of this:


Is there a steps by steps guide on this?

Also, is there an Interoperability matrix for Flexpod? 

Thanks in advance.



Re: How to upgrade Flexpod? - All components

The Upgrade Guide that you linked to will provide basic instructions and guidance on upgrading the components within FlexPod. I'd recommend looking through the individual upgrade documents it links to on the manufacturers sites to find the latest procedures. (Cisco, NetApp, VMware, etc.)

To upgrade the entire system, at this time the best guidance will be to upgrade individual components one at a time. So, start with the NX-OS release, for instance, and make sure everything gets updated properly, then move on to the next component. We are working on ways to streamline this process.

The NetApp Interoperability Matrix will detail the fully supported configs for your environment. It displays more than just FlexPod configurations, so be sure to take a look at the FlexPod Technical Specifications document as well to make sure that you meet the definition of a FlexPod.

Interoperability Matrix - http://support.netapp.com/matrix

FlexPod Technical Specifications - https://fieldportal.netapp.com/viewcontent.asp?qv=1&docid=40790


Check out the KB!
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