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Is there a time frame for FlexPod with vSphere 5.5 and FAS8000 Series?


Anything available yet?



We are waiting for a few ancillary items to be finished before publishing the CVDs, including official support on the Cisco HCL for the FAS 8000 platform. The current timeline looks like we should be ready to post in about a month or so.



Is there any update on this?.



Nothing yet. We are still getting the final patches from VMware, and running them through our tests in the lab. If all goes well, you should see something in the next few weeks.


OK, thanks!


Have any 5.5 CVDs been published yet? I've looked on the Cisco site and I don't see anything yet. This is long overdue at this point. I don't necessarily care if it's specific to FAS8000 but there are no vSphere 5.5 CVDs from NetApp yet.


The CVD material is ready, we have got official support on the Cisco HCL for FAS8000 series.

We are waiting for the last set of clearances, looks like we should be able to publish in a couple of weeks.



Hi, we just deployed a Flexpod - FAS8040 single chassis w/ 2 controllers & vSphere 5.5.  This infrastructure was built in May 2014.  We are in test mode right now meaning we have NOT deployed anything on the new infrastructure yet.  But we do have VMWare onsite helping us configure VDI.  So far, everything looks good as far as interoperability w/ all the cisco hardware, windows applications and VMWare.  I do question why the 8000 series went to a single chassis design.  It's a simplified setup but I've always preferred dual chassis enclosures on a clustered pair.

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